Our Company has been offering international transportation services in the logistics sector since 1986. 

ITA offers FTL and LTL transportation services with its own vehicles and offers any and all unbonded warehousing, bonded warehousing, logistics, importation-exportation-customs clearance and door-to-door services in its sector.

With its ever increasing transportation volume, ITA has managed and renewed its fleet in a planned and organized way. 

ITA first started its road transportation activities to Austria in 1986; since then, it achieved to keep its leadership in this line by concluding Agency Agreement with Intra Spedition Gesellschaft resident in Vienna and Int. Transporte K.Dutz, resident in Linz. 

Following Austria, it has focused on Germany and Italy and has been acting in these countries in a strong collaboration with its agencies. 

Since 2004, ITA has rendered services to its customers through Austria-Turkey railway transportation and expanded its railway transportation activities to Europe-Turkey and Turkey-Europe routes by means of its wide agency network. 


Within the frame of the investments made since 2004, it has focused on Italy line and conducted its transport agency services with Italmondo S.P.A, having its principal place of business in Milan and agencies and warehouses in Torino, Padova, Bologna, Firenze, Ancona and Rome.


In 2008, ITA concluded an agency agreement with Orient Freight, one of the largest logistics corporations of Germany, and thereupon offers fast, safe, qualified services and solutions in land and airline FTL and LTL transportations. 

ITA Trans became a partner of 600 vehicles-fleet by getting share from GAT LOGISTICS composed of 7 transportation partners. 

Thanks to our experienced, young, dynamic and professional team; our technological infrastructure innovated day-by-day, our domestic and abroad offices, agencies and warehouses, we always accompany our customers for the Land, Air, Sea and Railway Transport and Logistics service and solution partnership according to the needs of our customers.